Fat Dissolving Injections

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You want to look and feel your best, you eat right, you exercise and still you can’t shift those stubborn fatty deposits. They are that annoying final hurdle to achieving your body image goals.

To help improve those problem areas such as under the chin, jowls, back and much more, then the fat dissolving injection treatment we offer could be the answer for you.

Often described as ‘non-surgical liposuction’, this fat dissolving injection treatment has been used for over 20 years in many countries as a fat-dissolving agent to help reduce those annoying exercise and diet resistant small fatty deposits.

It involves a series of small injections that help melt away small, localised areas of fat deposits. Where as Mesotherapy is the same procedure but using a cocktail of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and pharmaceuticals to help give skin that smooth youthful look we all crave. The fat dissolving injection treatment or Mesotherapy are effective procedures with minimal discomfort for both men and women. They can help you to feel good about how you present yourself by removing those stubborn fat deposits.

Allergan, a leading international pharmaceutical company has developed an injectable innovative product which has transformed how submental fat deposits under the chin are treated.

A double chin can often have nothing to do with body weight, it may be related to ageing or genetics. It is often diet and exercise resistant and can be stubborn to remove. Under chin fullness can make you look older, heavier, or unhealthier than you really are. We now offer a non-surgical injectable solution to melt away those stubborn fat deposits and redefine your jawline.

Under chin/neck fat is a very common concern for both men and women. With the selfie epidemic and the multitude of photos on social media people often take photos of themselves side-on or from up high and can feel subconscious about those pics!


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