Tear Duct Trough

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Make dark circles, bags or hollows under your eyes a thing of the past. Wake up looking fresh and rested, instead of looking tired even though you avoided that big night out and slept soundly.

Surgery is not the only solution! You can achieve great results using Dermal Fillers, which is a non-surgical walk in walk out procedure.

Tear duct trough flaws have many causes, such as, ageing, genetics, pigmentation, lack of sleep and lifestyle. Sagging of the skin under the eye can also be caused by loss of facial fat. As we mature in years the malar fat pad which is adjacent to the nose and below the eye shrinks and drops and this causes fat reduction under the eye, causing darkening in the area and a loss of volume.

The darkness in the area is often caused by the shadowing of the underlying muscle and blood vessels which shows through the semi-translucent skin.

By using dermal fillers in the area under the eye, it can alleviate that tired look. They gently inflate the area to either soften the hollowing or lessen the darkness under the eyes.

Life is busy, time is precious and most people believe surgery to be the last option. You don’t have to have surgery as dermal fillers are a safe, non-invasive, cost effective solution to alleviating those circles, bags or hollows under the eyes.

This non-surgical dermal filler treatment can help you to not only


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