Cosmetic Tattooing

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Britt is our Brow expert with over 5 years of experience tattooing brows & 7 years of experience with brow sculpting. Britt is highly trained in this area having completed 3 brow courses with the newest & latest techniques to offer her clients. She has a passion for creating natural looking eyebrows to make her clients feel their best selves!

Micro-Blading Feather Touch Brows


Feather Touch Brows is a “hair” like tattoo. Fine hair strokes are tattooed into the brow mimicking your existing hair growth using a hand-tool called a “microblade. It is a very natural way of adding more fullness, definition and shape to the brows which is suitable for clients with either full brows or minimal to no brow hair at all.

Ombre Brows Tattoo


Ombré brows are a natural “tint” looking tattoo. The fronts of the brows are softer and lighter while the ends of the brows are a little heavier – This technique is done with a tattoo machine and is suitable for clients with either full brows or minimal to no brow hair at all. This is the best option for oily skin/large pores as it tends to hold longer.

Combination Brows (Micro-Blading/Ombre Technique)


6-12 month brow touch up session $250.00
1-2 year brow touch up session $300.00
Brow Touch Up of another artists work $350.00 (one session)
Brow Correction of another artists work will require two sessions $499.00

Full Lip Blush Tattoo


Lip tattooing is a great option to restore colour, fullness, shape and symmetry to the lips that we may have lost over the years due to age, dermal fillers, medical reasons, etc. Brittni specialises in Lip “Blush” tattoo which achieves a natural blushed look. A tattoo machine and a fine needle is used to deposit pigment under the lip skin. We have many natural colours to choose from. Unfortunately, if you are after a “lipstick look” we do not offer this.

* All brow tattooing include ONLY 1 touch up session at 4-6 weeks, numbing cream and aftercare
*Any additional touch up sessions wanted after your included touch up will incur a $100.00 cost*